Adjusting to a new normal


Treatment has been successful and your child and family enter a new phase of life. You may feel both joyful and anxious. Your child may still be healing, both physically and emotionally. Your family may be facing new challenges.

Some children get back into school and home routines easily and quickly. For others, the transition is more difficult and takes longer. Parents and siblings also go through a period of adjustment. For example, siblings may have become more independent while you were away at the hospital. Take time to talk about special things that each person in your family has done during treatment. This can help to set in motion a positive tone of resiliency for the future.

Tips that help families adjust after treatment

  • Celebrate. Find special ways to mark the end of treatment. Recognize each person in your family. Celebrate their accomplishments at the hospital or at home with family and friends. Find a way to thank the people on your child’s health care team.
  • Get informed. Learn about organizations that support survivors and their families.
  • Get emotional support. Talk with a professional counselor or join a support group.
  • Live in the present. Take things one day at a time. Try to focus on today.
  • Help others. Some parents find ways to give back and help others. Parents often say that giving back is what helped them the most.

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