Questions to ask when your child has completed treatment


About treatment

About practical steps to take at home

  • What health problems in our child should we be aware of?
  • Who should I contact if health problems occur?
  • Does my child need to continue taking any medicine(s)? If so, for how long?
  • What types of activities may help my child? Are any activities not recommended?
  • What vaccines should my child receive? When should they be given?

About follow-up care (plan and schedule)

  • Who should I talk with to get a follow-up care plan and schedule for my child?
  • What medical experts should my child see for follow-up care?
  • What tests will be done during follow-up care visits? How often and for what reason?
  • Where should my child go for follow-up care visits?
  • What is the schedule for these visits?

About possible long-term and/or late side effects

  • Is my child at increased risk of having long-term side effects? If so, which ones and how can they be managed?
  • Is my child at increased risk of developing late effects later in life? If so, which ones? How likely are these to occur? How long after treatment might they occur?
  • What type of specialists should my child see to manage these effects?

About support and coping

  • What survivor support groups are available for my child? For our family?
  • What are the benefits to my child of receiving professional counseling? Is this something you recommend for my child? Why or why not?

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