What can we do with the class?


3 main things might be done:

1. Social contact

The class could prepare “happy packages” at very little cost, which will bring more joy to a sick child than an expensive floral bouquet.
Some ideas are:

  • notices about class/school events
  • a small souvenir from a school trip
  • a large card with contributions from everyone
  • a newspaper clipping about school events
  • the current best classroom jokes
  • the words of the current “top of the pops”
  • a picture of a favourite person cut from a magazine
  • a video the class has enjoyed

The child’s best friend will know what could be of most interest.

If the school has access to a DVD or video recorder, skyping or social networking sites, class news items can be recorded and sent to the child who may then be able to send a message back to the class. The hospital school also has email access and contact with the child can be done via this means as well.

2. Visiting

Children and young people often like to visit sick friends, but it can be overwhelming if too many arrive at once, so spread the visits.

Encourage classmates to contact the family to arrange visiting rosters and to make sure visiting is allowed and appreciated. This will provide very important social contact for the sick person.

3. School work

Many hospital schools provide an individualised teaching service for students while they are in hospital and during convalescence when the student is unable to attend school for extended periods.

They also help transition students back to school.

The teachers will make contact with the school when the student is first admitted to hospital to co-ordinate the student’s educational programme.

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