Your Feelings


Emotions are the feelings that you have. For example fear, anger, joy, love. As a sibling of someone with cancer, you might feel some of these emotions:


You might feel lonely because you are no longer able to play with your brother or sister with cancer like you used to. You might miss your family because they are at the hospital a lot.


You might feel worried about your sick brother or sister or worried about how your other family members are feeling. You might worry about the future and what will happen for everyone in your family.


You may feel sad about seeing your brother or sister so sick, or you might feel sad about changes that have happened now that your brother or sister has cancer.
“It makes me feel really sad sometimes.”


Some brothers and sisters with a sibling with cancer may feel angry about what is happening and the effect it is having on their lives.
“It makes me annoyed because it troubles mum and dad.”


You might feel scared about the future for your brother or sister with cancer.
Frightened – it can be frightening to see your brother or sister so sick. The hospital can also seem frightening.


You might feel concerned about your sister or brother who is sick, your parents or your other brothers and sisters and family members.


You might feel upset about having a brother or sister with cancer.


Sometimes, but not always, siblings may feel jealous or left out because their brother or sister gets more attention because they have cancer.
“Sometimes I just think my brother gets too much attention... and I just feel kinda left out sometimes, normally I don’t.”

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