This section tells you about child cancer, changes that might happen in your daily life and some of the feelings you may experience while your brother or sister is sick.



When a child has cancer, it can be difficult for everyone in your family. Some of what happens, may be hard to deal with. You may be separated from one or both of your parents while your brother or sister is in hospital. For a while it might seem that everything is focused on your brother or sister with cancer. You may find you have to do more things around the home to help your family. This might feel a little unfair or that you have had to grow up faster than you’d like. It might also be hard to tell people how you’re feeling and some friends might not understand what you are going through and may say or ask things that are hurtful.
Getting the right information about your sibling’s cancer may help you process the news. You might also understand the changes that might happen, and hopefully, find in this section, ways to cope with this difficult situation.

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What happens next?


You may have just learned that your child has cancer. He/she may be in treatment, or finishing treatment. It is for sure overwhelming, but knowing what to expect may help you feel more at ease.
This timeline provides information and advice throughout your child’s cancer journey. It has been designed in sections, which you can read at the right time for you.