Children and cancer: one step further in supporting patients and their families


A joint international programme built with Childhood Cancer International

Fondation La Roche-Posay and the organisation Childhood Cancer International are working together to lay the foundations for an international programme dedicated to children with cancer and their families.



Created in France with the UNAPECLE (National Union of Associations for Parents of Children with Cancer or Leukaemia) and with the expertise of a dedicated multidisciplinary scientific committee, the aim of this support programme is to improve the quality of life of children, parents, brothers and sisters overwhelmed and shaken by the disease. Often isolated, due not only to hospitalisation and treatment but also to the fear that the disease instils, children and families find themselves in an unstable balance.

To help strengthen strained relationships and facilitate a stronger connection with others, the programme is based on three ambitious tools: specially adapted parent/child massages, an emotion scale and an international digital information portal.

France is the pilot country for this programme, with plans to roll it out in four other countries: China, Russia, Brazil and the United States. And we hope others will soon follow.

“Together, we have worked to devise and develop the different projects, first in France and then all around the world – this was a crucial point for CCI.” Ruth Hoffman, President of Childhood Cancer International

Expertise at the heart of a relevant programme

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the subject, Childhood Cancer International (CCI) has helped identify, prior to designing the project, priority areas of focus, especially when it comes to supporting children and their families during treatment.

“You have to imagine the family caught up in a tsunami of emotions; treatment can feel like a whole new ordeal. Children and adults alike keep their fears inside to protect each other, but this adds significantly to their isolation.” Laetitia Toupet, President of Fondation La Roche-Posay

scientific panel of experts on childhood cancer, also on board since the beginning, has helped to make sure the actions taken are relevant and accurate. Made up of paediatric oncologists, a child psychiatrist, a pain specialist, a psychomotor therapist, a masseuse/physiotherapist and a representative of parents’ associations, it is a group with a wide and complementary array of skills.

“These invaluable, passionate partners contribute knowledge of the situation on the ground when it comes to the needs and difficulties faced by children and their families.” Ms Toupet continued

Three projects to improve quality of life

  • This digital platform for childhood cancer offers a single place – thus avoiding endless, time-consuming searching on search engines – for reliable advice and resources, as well as many accounts from experts aimed at and adapted for children, parents and loved ones.
  • The ‘parent/child massage’ is a set of gentle, fun movements designed to be performed without supervision. The goal is to support the relationship between parents and children.
  • The emotion scale is an innovative new tool for assessing the emotional state of young patients based on the universal principle of the pain scale. It aims to help children who do not always have the words to express the emotions overwhelming them.

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