Talking about cancer is never easy. Here are some tips to talk with others about cancer, including your health care team, your family and friends.


Talking to other people about your child’s cancer can be one of the most difficult parts of coping with a cancer diagnosis. There are no perfect words to announce such a terrible news to siblings or  grandparents. You might worry about how other people will react to the news. In addition, telling different people the same news over and over again can be tiring and stressful. You may also want to keep many of the details of your diagnosis and treatment private. There isn’t a right or wrong way to talk about cancer. Who you tell and how you talk about things may be different depending on your relationship with each person. Here are some tips, we hope might help you talk about cancer with others.

What happens next?


You may have just learned that your child has cancer. He/she may be in treatment, or finishing treatment. It is for sure overwhelming, but knowing what to expect may help you feel more at ease.
This timeline provides information and advice throughout your child’s cancer journey. It has been designed in sections, which you can read at the right time for you.