Childhood Cancer International (CCI): the largest international organisation dedicated to childhood cancer


About Childhood Cancer International

“Cancer, children and quality of life are at the heart of our commitment.” Ruth Hoffman, President of Childhood Cancer International

Founded in 1994, Childhood Cancer International (CCI) now includes some 170 parent support organisations, associations for children in remission or support groups in almost 90 different countries across five continents. Recognised worldwide, it works in partnership with international organisations, healthcare professionals and researchers, to name but a few.

The organisation defends the rights of children with cancer and fights every day to make childhood cancer a priority. Its objective is to raise awareness among institutions, healthcare professionals and the general public regarding the challenges that these children must overcome when faced with the disease. Because, despite the existence of parent support groups, the difficulties encountered remain largely marginalised and neglected at the international level. CCI also campaigns for equal access to top treatments and supportive care all over the world.

To find out all about the history and missions of CCI, click here.

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